Package com.beust.jcommander

Interface Summary
IDefaultProvider Allows the specification of default values.
IParameterValidator The class used to validate parameters.
IStringConverter<T> An interface that converts strings to any arbitrary type.
IStringConverterFactory A factory for IStringConverter.
IVariableArity Must be implemented by argument classes that contain at least one \@Parameter with "variableArity = true".

Class Summary
JCommander The main class for JCommander.
Parameterized Encapsulate a field or a method annotated with @Parameter or @DynamicParameter
WrappedParameter Encapsulates the operations common to @Parameter and @DynamicParameter

Exception Summary
MissingCommandException Thrown when a command was expected.
ParameterException The main exception that JCommand will throw when something goes wrong while parsing parameters.

Annotation Types Summary
Parameters An annotation used to specify settings for parameter parsing.
ParametersDelegate When applied to a field all of its child fields annotated with Parameter will be included during arguments parsing.
ResourceBundle Deprecated. use @Parameters

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